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An encounter group for mental health professionals

20th – 23rd of February 2020 Eretria, Greece

Holding the vulnerability of others requires a space with colleagues where we share a sense of belonging, our difficulties and obstacles.

JOIN the mental health professionals encounter group to expand your professional experience and competence by encountering with colleagues. An experiential, professional training based on person-centered encounter groups in the USA and the UK.

For whom is this encounter group meant and why do we need it?

For mental health professionals such as psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, supervisors, mental health counsellors, social workers and coaches. Burn out, secondary trauma, compassion fatigue, depression and many other similar issues are not unknown in our lives. Our profession is demanding with elements of loneliness and it exposes us to human suffering and traumatic experiences. That is why we need resilience, collegiality and continuous professional and personal development.

What are the benefits?

  • Enriching our personal and professional experience                                                                           

  • Going deeper into supervision issues

  • Practicing interpersonal and communication skills

  • Developing our skills on group facilitation

  • Getting trained in a multicultural and interdisciplinary group

  • Building professional and personal resilience

  • Strengthening collegiality and a sense of belonging


Here is what previous participants have said regarding their experience


Tom from The Netherlands

“It was a really great experience! That doesn't mean I always felt great at every moment – my feelings actually went everywhere, from warmth to annoyance to boredom to relief to tiredness to energized. At the end of the day I felt a kind of contented release, as if I had processed a lot of professional and personal issues through encounter.”


Artis from Czech Republic

“Light and playful, it is always amazing to witness the connection that arises seamlessly out of nothing when group of ‘strangers’(professionals meeting each other for the first time) come together and live a bit closer to themselves and ‘others’.  One can dwell in to analysing what had happened and what are the outtakes while on the other hand it’s beautiful to simply leave the veil of magic untouched and embrace the wholeness.”


Emmy from the UK

“In general I just wanted to grow more, learn from others and explore consciousness and better ways of being in the world as a professional. I was really impressed with the amount and richness of data we generated and the insights I got out of it. I didn't expect that in such a short time. These days I am especially working on my ability to speak my truth in the moment and interact in a more genuine way. In the group I learned that if I want to steer the interaction deeper, I have to take more risks.”


The programme consists of three and a half hour morning and evening encounters.

The content is decided by the members of the group based on the needs of each one of us. We can share personal and professional experiences, discuss issues of supervision and train each other in an experiential way. The facilitators do not pre-decide the content and the activities of the group, they follow and take care of the process.



The encounter group will take place at the lovely 5 star, sea side Negroponte Resort Eretria on the island of Evia approximately one and a half hour drive from Athens. Access to the venue is also possible via suburban railway from Athens to Chalkida (capital of Evia) from where transport can be arranged to the resort for a low cost, which is 18km away.


The facilitators of this encounter are Fabienne Chazeaux, Ioanna Papadopoulou, John Wilson and Maria Kontarini

This encounter group is open to all nationalities. Working languages are Greek and English, translation will be provided in these two languages. Tatiana Gorney will facilitate the bilingual communication.

A certificate of attendance can be issued by the Temenos Education upon request.

Fab 4.jpg
John Wilson.jpg
Papadopoulou Ioanna

Maria Kontarini

I am a person-centered counsellor and group facilitator working with individuals and corporate organisations on personnel issues. My professional experience lies also in the fields of diplomacy and HR consulting.

My mission in life is to contribute to harmonious, healthy and fulfilling relations among people, organisations, communities and countries.

My motivation for organising encounter groups lies in the power that they have to foster human connection and personal growth. Members by recognising their differences connect at a deeper level and in this way they grow as individuals.

Fabienne Chazeaux

I have been a psycho-sociologist for more than 20 years working with corporate and non-profit clients to transform their systems to create rich environments where people are resilient and well-resourced for their roles.

Alongside this work I am also a psychotherapist, educator, clinical supervisor and large group facilitator.

My practice is based in Paris and online, working with clients located throughout the world.

John Wilson

I am in practice as a Psychotherapist and Supervisor.

I am also Director of Temenos Education that has been offering Person-centred Counselling & Psychotherapy training since 1993.

I am a founding partner at onlinevents that delivers a global programme of online continuing professional development for practitioners in the helping professions.

I have facilitated groups in France, UK, Italy, Zambia, USA and soon also in Romania and Greece.

Ioanna Papadopoulou

I have been working as a person-centred counsellor and group facilitator the last ten years.

What touches me during group facilitation is how human communication develops among members who come from different social backgrounds and countries and have separate and unique experiences.

During the encounter groups I see myself and others recognizing our needs, our feelings, our values and our belief systems. At the same time we recognise our similarities and differences through the deep sharing.

The interaction among the members is a process of enrichment, enlargement and knowledge which brings us in touch with our deeper self.

Tatiana Gorney

I have graduated with a BSc in psychology from University of Lacaster, with the Diploma of Person-Centered Counselling from the ICPS college (Athens) and with the Masters of Education (Med) for children and young people on the autism spectrum from Arizona State University.

I work as a coordinator of the Foster Care and Deinstitutionalization section at the Roots research Center NGO and I am a Member of Eurochild.

The encounter groups are an integral part of my personal and professional development.

In this group I will use my bilingual skills to facilitate the communication in the two working languages Greek and English.


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