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The mission of my work as a business consultant is to assist organizations to embrace what is essential for the well-being of their personnel and clients.  

Healthy interpersonal relations among the personnel, personal contact with clients, human-centered policies.

My methodology is based on the scientific work of Dr. Carl Rogers, the person-centered approach. My work is tailor-made to suit the specific needs of each organization.


Though my experience, I have developed the Social Leadership Model, a model which connects profit-making to social purpose and employees' well being. The first two parts of the model I use very often with my clients. Here is a short presentation if you would like to to find out more.

             the society

Benefits of the Social Leadership Model 


   Sales & Marketing

  • Increases relational capital

  • Builds the image of the company

  • Gives a competitive advantage

   Human Resources (HR)

  • Stimulates the growth of employees

  • Increases engagement, motivation, productivity of personnel

  • Reduces absenteeism, dissatisfaction, burn outs. 

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