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The Peace Project in the 21st Century


Person-Centered Processes for Dialogue, Peacemaking and Social Justice




(5th of November 2022) 


We are a group of person-centered practitioners from all walks of life, grounded in the scientific work of Carl Rogers. We are reaching out to you and other people interested in creating a space together, based on honesty, mutual respect, understanding and thoughtful wisdom through dialogue. We aspire to listen, hear, understand one another, and to work together toward healing the cruel rifts that are harming humankind and nature.

Increasingly traditional systems/ways/means/methods of control on our precious planet lead to exhausting, paralyzing, and depressing impasses exploding into mental distress and suffering, separations, physical violence, oppression and war. 

Dr. Carl R. Rogers noted that when people tire of these outcomes and ways of living, they will seriously look for alternatives and “they will find there are ways of being that do not involve power over persons and groups. They will discover that harmonious community can be built on the basis of mutual respect and enhanced personal growth”. (A Way of Being, 1980, p. 205)

Thus, from that premise, we invite you to this initial gathering of the Peace Project in the 21st Century as co-learners engaged in person-centered ways of being together. There will be no designated experts in this gathering, only global citizens striving to create harmonious communities.

In that spirit, please join us on Saturday, 5th of November 2022, from 16:00 GMT/UCT +0 until 20:30 pm.

(Participation to this event is by personal invitation only)



Carol Wolter-Gustafson

Gay Barfield

Maria Kontarini

Norman Chambers

Peggy Natiello

Rob Barry

Silvia Dubovoy

Sophie Muller

Will Stillwell

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